Lake Chatuge Boat Rentals! Come see our New 2020 Malibu Wakesetter Wakeboard Boat Rental!

We’ve just added an incredible new boat rental to our fleet! Come see our brand new 2020 Malibu Wakesetter 20 VTX Wakeboard Boat Rental! If you’re planning a trip to North Georgia, Hiawassee, or Young Harris College, you’re only minutes away from one of the most beautiful lakes in the Southeast. Our premium boat rental fleet includes JC TriToon pontoon boats, Malibu Wakeboard boats, Chaparral ski boats, Key West deck boats, a Mastercraft ski boat, Boston Whaler runabouts, and Yamaha jet ski rentals. We offer scenic lakeside lodging, and a full-service 200-slip marina. We are also the #1 JC TriToon dealer in the country if your shopping for new boats for sale or used boats for sale in the North Georgia and Lake Chatuge market. Plan your adventure today!

New Malibu Wakesetter 23 LSV and 21 VLX Wakeboard Boat Rentals on Lake Chatuge in North Georgia!

New for the 2020 season, we’ve added 2 new incredible wakeboard boat rentals to our fleet! Our 21 VLX Malibu Wakesetter wakeboard boat rental features Malibu surfgate, power wedge, 4 subfloor ballast tanks, and Malibu’s cruise control. All of these systems are easily controlled with a large Maliview touchscreen that makes it easier than ever to get the perfect wave every time. Our 23 LSV Malibu Wakesetter wakeboard boat rental, it offers all of the same features as the 21 plus room for 14 people, bigger ballast tanks for bigger waves, and an incredible eye-catching red glitter flake hull. Come see our new fleet today, and plan your getaway on Lake Chatuge, GA!

New Premium Ski Boat Rentals on Lake Chatuge in North GA Mountains!

Try one of our new premium ski boat rentals on Lake Chatuge this year.

Ready to Have More Fun on the Lake?

As you begin making plans to have fun outdoors this spring & summer, we hope you’re looking forward to enjoying plenty of lake time out on the water. We invite you to try one of our new premium ski boat rentals this season. We believe you’ll love the 2018 Chaparral 21′ H2O Sport boats we’re offering. They’re perfect for having memorable days of family fun on Lake Chatuge in the beautiful mountains of North Georgia. Start planning now for a weekend getaway or anytime you’re ready to get out on the water and enjoy Hiawassee, GA. We’re more than one of the best boat dealers in north Goergia, we have a large selection of boat rentals in Hiawassee Ga. as well.Boat Rentals in Young Harris

About Our New Premium Ski Boat Rentals

With seating for up to 8 people, there’s plenty of room for your lake time crew & passengers to climb aboard one of our Chaparral H2O Sport 21′ premium ski boat rentals. Powered by a Yamaha 150 fuel-injected 4-stroke engine with hydraulic steering, these versatile, high-quality boats have plenty of power to pull adults or children on the water.  Thanks to the engineered power delivered by this Yamaha motor, these ski rental boats also offer increased fuel efficiency in comparison to other ski boats or inboard wakeboard boats.  Notable extra features included on both of our H20 Sport rental boats are a wakeboard tower, bimini top, premium stereo with aux. cable connectors, dual Captain’s chairs, an in-deck ski locker, bow anchor locker, rear deck swim platform on both sides of the motor, and a wrap around windshield!  This is a great all-around boat for cruising Lake Chatuge and water sports activities.

Boat Rentals In Young Harris GA

Don’t Forget These Fun Extras

Remember that when you’re making your boat rental reservation with us, be sure to tell us the water sports extras that you are planning to need during your time on Lake Chatuge. For your convenience, these new premium ski boat rentals are offered with options such as an Extreme Double Tube, Wakeboard, Kneeboard, Skis, or Wakeskate! Get a FREE Double Tube Rental or Wakeboard Rental when you rent this boat for 3 or more days! 

At Boundary Waters Resort & Marina, we definitely want you, your family, and friends to enjoy your  Lake Chatugeexperiences with us. Contact us today for any questions you have about our boat rentals, marina services, lakeside vacation lodging, boat sales, and more. 


Clear Skies over Glass

Wake up to this view from our Mallard Point Cabin Rental


Snow! (Just a little bit)

How to Enjoy Hiawassee in North Georgia

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How to enjoy Hiawassee 

Boundary Waters Resort, here on Lake Chatuge, is a perfect base to explore and enjoy Hiawassee, whilst staying in beautiful surrounds overlooking the lake. Whether you’re here looking for an active break on the water, a quiet romantic getaway, a luxurious splurge or a budget break, you will find Boundary Waters Resort, our own Lake Chatuge, and nearby Hiawassee, have all you need for your vacation.

A taste of Hiawassee

Our town of Hiawassee offers a wide range of eating options, from familiar chain brands to family run and unique local choices. For lunch try a local bakery – Sweet Tooth Bakery explain that their dining room with working fireplace and covered summer decking make for a perfect setting all year round for a relaxed lunch treat. For a special evening, try award winning restaurant ‘The Copper Door’, who have been described as ‘a gourmet gem’ by guests, and offer a wide-ranging menu as well as special events such as wine pairing dinners.

Hiawassee Hiking

As the recently launched website, ‘explore Georgia’ explains, Hiawassee is an Appalachian Trail community, and the southern high roads section of the trail, which is ‘said to be the ‘most famous trail in the world‘, runs nearby. This gives a wide range of hiking options for the committed explorer, as well as gentle day treks for the less experienced. The trail, first conceived of in 1921 and opened to the public as a continual path in 1937’ covers over 2000 miles and allows those hiking it to enjoy the best of our national wilderness system, and the glorious ecosystems it protects. The trail here in Georgia features rugged wilderness hiking, and steep ups and downs best tackled in the summer months.

Hamilton Gardens 

The nearby Hamilton gardens is a unique garden in our area, as well excellent value for money, with a nominal $3 entrance donation all that is asked to visit this extensive complex with over 1100  Rhododendron, a glass house facility, and seasonal highlights such as the spring bulb trail highlighting the best of native bulbs. A private collection dating from the 1950s, Fred Hamilton donated the plants that founded this public garden in 1982, and now dogwoods, tulip magnolias, native azaleas, wild flowers and trillium grow alongside the famous Rhododendron, and can be enjoyed by visitors daily. If you are not staying with us at Boundary Waters Resort but have green fingers, you can get an even stay in the gardens by working in there as a volunteer for 20 hours a week, which gets you in return free camping and even a RV hook up if needed.

Romantic Hiawassee

There are a wide range of options for romance in Hiawassee, say ‘Mountain Top GA’ site, including visits to spas, such as Body Sense Spa, which offers who describe their ‘superlative spa treatments’ as well as stocking products to take home to keep the romance alive. If you’re looking for a little of the finer things in life for your romantic break, our local winery Hightower Creek Vineyard  offer tasting events with music and food on a regular basis, so you and your loved one can enjoy a relaxing evening while enjoying some of the best wine in the region.

Whenever you’re in town it is also worth checking out Hiawassee’s Georgia Mountain Fairground which hosts events running from fireworks and concerns, to jazz festivals all year round, and could give you something really special to include in your vacation planning.

Getting here

Georgia attracts visitors from all around the world, and for guests traveling from overseas there is no need to waste money on essentials that you can shop around for. Aside from the outlay on tickets, the main culprit for unnecessary overspending is exchanging cash, which can prove costly if done at the last minute at the airport. Travel money can be bought from a range of reputable online providers which often represent great value for money if exchanging currency. Booking flights through a comparison site can bring down the costs, particularly for those who can be flexible on dates, and essentials such as insurance can be found in advance with multi-trip deals often the best value for those more regular travelers.

Lake Chatuge


Stay with us!

Staying with us is a great value way to get the best out of your vacation enjoying the many facets of Hiawassee as well as the peace of Lake Chatuge. Once here, Boundary Waters Resort offers a range of accommodation options, many of which provide guests with access to a kitchen for those preferring to self-cater, and all of which give an unrivalled view of our wonderful part of the lake.

And finally, while you are in Hiawassee, why not go along to what is described as Northeast Georgia’s biggest Antiques Mall, to pick up a unique souvenir of your stay. You could find primitive and fine furnishings, collectibles and quirky reminders of your trip to suit your style and budget – as unique as your stay with us will be!

Thanks again to contributor Susie Laurel for this article!

Discovering All Georgia Has to Offer on a Vacation

Discovering All Georgia Has to Offer on a Vacation

Georgia is a state that is as diverse as it is beautiful. It quickly becomes apparent as soon as you step into this state that there really is something to accommodate the needs of the whole family. Not only that but with breathtaking views, cultural tours and metropolitan, soulful cities being the order of the day, Georgia is an area that most certainly should be on everyone’s bucket list.

Lake CHatuge


Natural Beauty

Georgia is completely brimming with outstanding sites of natural beauty that it’s hard to know where to start. Hiawassee is right in the heart of all this untamed splendor, so this is a great place to make a base and take advantage of all the local sites. Chattahoochee National Forest is the perfect area to begin exploring and it will most certainly give you a great sense of the raw openness that this place has on offer. According to USDA this national forest covers 867,000 acres across 26 counties, with thousands of miles of clear-running streams and rivers, and is home to a vast array of different animals from black bears to wild turkey and deer. It is a great area for relaxing and getting back to nature here, so pack the fishing gear, the picnic and you bucket and spade; because this is a place that really focuses on bringing things to level that is back to basics””completely refreshing in this day and age. There are swimming beaches, mountain pools and waterfalls all lying in wait to be discovered in this area of natural beauty. All of this adds up to being a quintessential start to any vacation. Kelly Tours suggests that hopping onboard a coach trip is the best way to see all Georgia has to offer, as it takes the hassle out of planning itineraries and also provides the opportunity to share your experience with new, like-minded people. In an area that is so laid-back and friendly, it’s great to meet such people along your journey. Nantahala National Forest is also just a small jump over the border and is teeming with wildlife, hiking trails, white-water rafting, and mountainous scenery.


Peaceful Waterways

Lakes, rivers, waterfalls and estuaries, Georgia really does have an abundance of beautiful and peaceful waterways up and down this incredible state. A wonderful way to experience all this region has to offer in a relaxed, leisurely nature is via a cruise. Planet Cruise argues that the USA’s spectacular sandy beaches, mansions, vineyards and marinas, alongside such beautiful historical sites, makes it the perfect location for travelling around on a cruise, and getting to experience first-hand all that there is to get to know about this incredibly diverse country both on and off land. Lake Chatuge is one of epic beauty, straddling the North Carolina-Georgia state line, and offers great accessibility for all kinds of water sport adventure, making this lake and the surrounding area ideal for kids and grown-ups, couples and families alike.

Capital City

Atlanta is most certainly the capital of the south, and it’s not hard to see why when you consider that this is a commercial, financial and industrial area of great success, which has become an extremely popular tourist destination in recent years. According to the Virtual Press Office, Delta applauds President Obama€™s efforts to increase travel and tourism in the United States, which shows great signs that tourism is set to rise for the foreseeable future. Atlanta€™s roaring success with tourists and locals alike is no doubt partly as a result of its variety of culture, fabulous dining and fascinating history. As Delta Airlines puts it, Atlanta is a city that combines down-home charm and refined elegance with a fresh breeze of the modern. Top sites to see, which you will not be able to experience anywhere else, include The World of Coca-Cola, providing mesmerizing insight into the whole history of the company, the inventor and the iconic products of today. Another must on any trip to Atlanta is a visit to Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site. As the King Center explains The Dream is now more important than ever, and the concentration and focus on this is unequivocally moving.

Georgia is, therefore, a state that is full of everything you could possibly want from a vacation. The diversity of this area, which is well known for its beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, diverse cities and kind, laid-back locals makes this the ideal base no matter what it is that you are looking for from a holiday.

Thanks to contributor Susie Laurel for the article.  Visit our boat rental or lodging page to plan your North Georgia vacation today!


Wakeboarding grew from surfers who couldn’t wait for the next swell. Surfers were sometimes seen being pulled behind a boat with a ski rope or pulled by a truck driving along the shore. Wakeboarding took off when a surfer from San Diego named Tony Finn, who in 1985 made the “Skurfer”, which looked like a surfboard and a water ski. Soon after straps and bindings were attached to the board which lead to an easier ride, and growing interest. Meanwhile Jimmy Redmon in Texas had designed a similar board which looked like a smaller surfboard, unknowingly he put straps on his board around the same time as Tony, the straps allowed a rider to use the wake like a ramp, able to jump into the air and do tricks unlike surfing.
After Tony’s board grew in popularity, it gave birth to a whole new sport called skiboarding. The first championships were televised, even though they were off to a slow start and struggling for media coverage. The sport’s growth became stagnant without any further innovation until Herb O’Brien started looking into different designs and materials to make boards. He was the first to design a neutral buoyancy board breathing new life into the sport.

Lake Chatuge


Wakeboarding is now one of the most popular competitive watersports, full of competitions, professionals, sponsors, fans, and money! Some of the biggest events in the sport are televised live such as the Vans Triple Crown of Wakeboarding, and the Wakeboard World Cup. With viewers numbering in the tens of thousands, and the main event usually at a private or closed off lake, obstacles, rails, and ramps for the riders provide hours of entertainment for the spectators while offering challenges for the professionals as they go for highest score to win.

Wakeboarding is accessible to everyone, competitive or just for fun. Anyone can try to wakeboard at most local lakes, but for a superb learning environment, you can’t beat Lake Chatuge! For anyone new to the sport the best times to wakeboard are usually in the morning or late afternoon when the water is smooth and calm, especially on busy lakes closer to large cities. Heading up to Lake Chatuge though, offers you the smooth water and uncluttered coves necessary to sharpen your skills in short order. You can get a summer’s worth of boating, waterboarding, skiing, fishing done in one long weekend up here!

We have fantastic wakeboard boats for rent, with enough power to pull the heavier guys up, and enough control that even beginners feel comfortable getting their feet wet! Our 2 Malibu Wakesetter rental boats, feature ballast tanks, cruise control, and the Malibu Wedge for an amazing wake.  Check them our on our boat rental page or stop by to see them in person.

New Georgia DNR Video

Get ready for Summer!

Summer is almost here, and the lake is nice and high. Now is a great time to get out on the lake and cruise through the mountains with friends and family. If you’re looking for a weekend getaway, you can stay with us and get your 3rd night free in our vacation rentals on Lake Chatuge. You’ll also receive 10% Off boat rentals, and complementary use of canoes and kayaks. Check our selection of rental boat, and also view our North Georgia jet ski rentals.

Young Harris GA


Jet Ski Rentals!

We no longer rent CraigCats, be we do have other great options:

Lake Chatuge Jet Ski Rentals

Lake Chatuge Boat Rentals

Malibu Wakeboard Boat Rentals!

 If you’re looking for the ultimate ride on Lake Chatuge this summer, Boundary Waters Resort & Marina has the boats you want.  Included in our fleet this year are 2 Malibu Wakesetter rental boats, featuring ballast tanks, cruise control, and the Malibu Wedge for an amazing wake.  Check them our on our boat rental page or stop by to see them in person.  Also don’t forget about our ski boat rentals and jet ski rentals to catch some speed on Lake Chatuge.  We look forward to seeing you this summer!

Suzuki Gimme 6 is back!

Buy a new Suzuki and receive a 3+3 year extended warranty, up to a $1,650 value! Promotion expires April 30, 2013.

Spring Weather is finally here! Get 20% off April Boat Rentals with our Offer on Facebook

Celebrate Spring with an afternoon on Lake Chatuge! Visit our Facebook page to claim our offer for 20% off April Boat Rentals. The weather is warm in Hiawassee, and it’s a great time to get together with friends or family and enjoy an afternoon on Lake Chatuge.

Lodging Updates!

lodgeWe have recently made some nice lodging updates to our lakefront rentals at Boundary Waters!  We’ve added 32″ flat screens to all of our rooms, and we’ve installed a new more powerful wifi network to ensure that everyone staying with us gets fast consistent internet access.  We look forward to seeing you this summer, and if you’re looking for lakefront cabin rentals or vacation rentals in North Georgia, Boundary Waters is the place to be!

JC’s Limited’s In-Stock!

New for 2013, JC is offering their new Limited TriToon with a rich feature-set and price that cannot be beat!  Boundary Waters Resort & Marina is consistently one of the top JC TriToon dealers in the country, with a large selection of new boats for sale in north georgia, as well as used boats on Lake Chatuge. We also offer the largest fleet of boat rentals in the area, featuring new JC TriToons, so you can go for an extended test drive on Lake Chatuge. Call us today to see the largest inventory of boats for sale in North Georgia!

2013 JC TriToons at preseason pricing!

We have a great selection of 2013 JC’s in-stock and ready for test drives.  Check out the newly redesigned JC SportToon and NepToon Sport, featuring Seagrass woven flooring and our new companion seating configuration.  JC has also introduced the new Limited for 2013, which offers the same high-performance hull design as the NepToon Sport and SportToon at a value price.

Call us today to schedule a test drive!

You’ve found the right place if you’re looking for North Georgia Boats for SaleLake Chatuge Boat Rentals, or North Georgia Boat Rentals!  We look forward to seeing you this summer!

Now taking summer reservations

Warm weather is approaching, and it’s never too early to book your summer vacation!  If you’re looking for lakefront lodging, hotel, or cabin rentals, we have you covered.  We are also proud to offer a huge selection of luxury boat rentals including pontoon boats, ski boats, deck boats, wakeboard boats, runabouts, and jet skis.  Or if you’re looking for some exercise, come rent a canoe or kayak and explore Lake Chatuge.  We look forward to seeing you this summer, and feel free to call our office with any questions at 706-896-2530.


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